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Dear Amplified community,

We are excited to welcome you back! By now you should know the drill, however, if you are new to Amplified, no sweat, let’s get you all caught up. Amplified, is a platform where we celebrate creativity, independence, and inclusivity. Our mission is to provide a platform for local communities to share their unique perspectives and values with the world. Amplified is committed to amplifying diverse voices, stories, and cultures from all around Iowa. Our platform serves as a hub for independent podcasters to showcase their talents, connect with new audiences, and inspire positive change.

Moving forward, yes! It’s about that time for another newsletter. This means we can say goodbye to April and welcome all new projects coming in May! Here’s what Amplified has been up to for the month of April.

Babylon Makes The Rules

Dr. Negus focuses on historical and contemporary data that members of the African Diaspora are encountering while they meander through this maze known as American society.

In this episode, Dr. Negus focuses on various topics, including Mass Incarceration and Employment. Slavery by a new name, and it's called mass incarceration. Today in the United States, 72% of the federal inmate population in this country, happens to be African-American & Latinx. Join Dr. Negus as he unravels the core roots of racial problems. Be ready to be educated by this grand master of societal knowledge. A conversation with Dr. Negus might make certain people uncomfortable, but that's what he's here for. Speak Truth!



Our friends from FAILING ADDS UP, have been in the grind, which comes as no surprise. They also stopped in the studio to record several episodes this month, so stayed tuned!

Failing adds up is about diving into the journey of what it actually takes to become successful, including all the hard work, scarifies, and failures that add up until you reach the pinnacle of success! Entrepreneurs and real estate professionals Jorge Junior Ibarra and Antonio Romero as your hosts, speak with Millionaires, CEO's and entrepreneurs about their journeys and sacrifices they encountered to become successful. #CLIMBtheMountain

CAPTURING Success: How Maggie Gulling Became a Leading Woman Entrepreneur in Photography

In this episode, we speak with the remarkable Maggie Gulling, an innovative force who has taken the photography industry by storm. With her bold vision and unparalleled creativity, She has carved out a space for herself in the photography industry and has become a shining example for women entrepreneurs everywhere. Join us as we dive into Maggie's inspiring journey and gain insight into the secrets of her success. #Climbthemountain #FailingAddsUp

Ryan talks in depth about how early on in his life he was always super hands-on with fixing things around the farm and how that gave him the engineer way of thinking, which he uses daily as Director Of Operations of Team IRG. Team IRG is a Real Estate team located in the Des Moines Metro Area that sells 315 homes a year. In this episode, we get into how Junior and Ryan met to purchase their first investment property together and now they are purchasing over 20 investment properties a year with their business partner Dave Faris who was a guest on our podcast in the past.

Dive deep into a behind-the-scenes look of what it's like to work with an NBA G League team

Hugo Bolanos takes us on his journey of how he got into creating video content for Iowa State University then jumping over and Working for the Iowa Cubs then ultimately landing at the NBA G League Iowa WOLVES team. In this episode, you will hear about a behind-the-scenes look at creating video and social media content for professional sports teams. Also in this episode Hugo recently received a Spotlight from Iowa state university during Hispanic heritage month about how he is a Latino shaping the way working with the Iowa Wolves, Hugo talks about how he remembers the struggle his family had getting to the U.S. at a young age and how reminding himself about that sacrifice his family took. He can take advantage of the opportunities he is getting working with a professional basketball team.



The Wild Yoga Tribe is for the adventurous yogi, the worldwide traveler, and all students and teachers on the path of wellness and wholeness. This is a global community of yoga teachers, spiritual students, embodied practitioners, conscious travelers, thought leaders, and meditation guides.

The Wild Yoga Tribe mission is to shine a light on the global yoga ecosystem and all the interconnected aspects of the path of yoga, while helping others on their own paths of wellness and wholeness. The Wild Yoga Tribe is a community rich in diversity, curiosity, and heart-centered connection.

Wild Yoga Tribe Podcast #80- Yoga Fusion – Yoga in Cameroon with Sten Kadji

Welcome to Episode #80 of the Wild Yoga Tribe Podcast! My conversation with Sten Kadji, a yoga teacher from Cameroon, was so bright and beautiful as we looked at yoga as a union of spheres, a fusion of many practices. I hope that this conversation made you curious about how yoga is a journey, and what yoga is for you can change, grow, and transform at any moment and it likely will throughout your life.

If you’re looking to tune into a podcast episode that is all about being open to change, and being flexible with yourself and with life, then this is the conversation for you.

Wild Yoga Tribe Podcast Episode #81 – Safe Spaces in Yoga – Yoga in Sudan with Nathalie Bittar

Welcome to Episode #81 of the Wild Yoga Tribe Podcast! My conversation with Nathalie Bittar, a yoga teacher and the first yoga studio owner from Sudan, was enthralling as we took a deep dive into yoga as a complementary practice, not a competitive practice to religion.

I hope that this conversation expanded your perception of how yoga can be a space for community, trust, and safety and how yoga can help you individually, and a community as a whole, shed defenses, shed armor, and help trauma to move through. If you’re looking to tune into a podcast episode that is all about yoga in Sudan then this is the conversation for you.

Wild Yoga Tribe Podcast Episode #82 – The Intersection of Yoga and Activism – Yoga in Sri Lanka with Serena Burgess

Welcome to Episode #82 of the Wild Yoga Tribe Podcast! My conversation with Serena Burgess, a yoga teacher from Sri Lanka, was so illuminating as we took a deep dive into the intersection of yoga and activism.

I hope that this conversation made you curious about how you can use the ancient tools of yoga as relevant sources of liberation in the modern world.

After all, it’s all yoga.

If you’re looking to tune into a podcast episode that is all about yoga in Sri Lanka then this is the conversation for you.


Los Apocalyptos & El Chino

¡Atención fanáticos del deporte de combate! ¡Conozcan el deporte más emocionante y peligroso del mundo: "Boxeo Testicular"! En este deporte, dos competidores se enfrentan en un ring y solo pueden usar sus dedos para golpear y someter al testículo. El objetivo es derribar al otro competidor en el suelo, y ganar la pelea. El boxeo testicular ganará enorme popularidad gracias a su emoción sin igual. Prepárate para una experiencia de lucha sin igual en el mundo de los deportes. ¡Únete a la acción del boxeo testicular hoy!


We'd like to give a warm welcome to the NEWEST addition to the Amplified Family! And we're excited to keep growing!

The Realest: Midwest Amateur Boxing Podcast

This month we are welcoming a new podcast to the Amplified Family. This is great news, and we love to include more voices from the community. We’d like to give a warm welcome to the "THE REALEST: Amateur Boxing Podcast" as it makes its feature debut this month! Coach Pepe Peña goes deep into the roots of the boxing community and talks about the impact boxing has on the community, the ins and outs of being a coach and gives his own unique perspective of certain things we may not see from the outside and all the hard work that gets put into putting on shows. Coach Peña's raw voice doesn't hold back and gives it to you like it is, that's why they call him the REALEST!


Discover Iowa’s role in the advancement of civil rights. Learn how landmark Iowa court cases, the Iowa Underground Railroad, Iowa towns like Buxton, and Iowa civil rights pioneers like Alexander G. Clark, Ralph Montgomery, Edna Griffin, and more guided the future of the state and the nation. We will look at how the nation’s path forward might be discovered by gleaning the wisdom of Iowa's history. For any questions or suggestions, please email Erick at Please give a warm welcome to, Erick Nganyange. Erick was born and raised in East Africa, a country called Tanzania, and migrated to the United States in 2000. He is the host and producer of the “Iowa Civil Rights History” podcast. Which is centered around honoring and highlighting forgotten Iowa civil rights trailblazers. Like his podcast motto, he tells stories about the contribution Iowans and the state of Iowa has made to advance the civil rights movement, past stories are being told, present action will be highlighted, and preparation for the future will be discussed.

The Wild Yoga Tribe Podcast

The Wild Yoga Tribe Podcast is a treasury of teachings, conversations, and insight on what yoga is and what yoga offers. It features vulnerable, soul-shifting conversations with yogis and yoga teachers from around the world who share their own yoga journey, their thoughts on the entire path of yoga, and what yoga is like in their own countries.


This story hits close to home for us, as we feature one of Amplified’s very own podcast producers, Chris Noth, from the “Bring It Home” podcast. In this article, we share the account of Noth’s grandfather and his experience in WWII.

Noth, pays tribute and homage as he recalls the life of his grandfather (Pop), his upbringing, his character and his post-war behavior. Ultimately highlighting how the war changed his grandfather and the effect it had on his family.This story hits close to home for us, as we feature one of Amplified’s very own podcast producers, Chris Noth, from the “Bring It Home” podcast. In this article, we share the account of Noth’s grandfather and his experience in WWII.

The world’s oldest known living reptile is known as, “Johnathan". World's oldest surviving reptile has lived through two world wars, the world's first phone call & 40 U.S. Presidents. #Guinnesrecord #themoreyouknow #oldestknownreptile #survival #history #historical #livingcreatures

Is AI a threat to humanity? Discover the truth behind the hype. Check out our latest blog post on now! #aivshuman#amplifieddsm#amplifieddsmblog

LOOK OUT DSM: THE 4-DAY WORKWEEK IS COMING TO A LOCAL DES MOINES BUSINESS #4dayweek #amplifieddsm Infinite Resources Dsm #blogpost



Latino Service Providers Coalition

The LSP Coalition brings providers together to learn and share resources, services, opportunities, and events in their local areas, with the goal of providing wraparound services to Latino Communities.

  • Sioux City Meetings | First Thursday of every month | Virtual

  • Des Moines Meetings | Third Thursday of every month | In Person

  • Marshalltown Meetings | Fourth Thursday of every month | Virtual

All meetings are held from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM.

For more information about the LSP Coalition, to start one in your area, or to present please send a email to


  • Fresh content coming your way! There is no shortage of great content, not only are we looking to release podcast content, but we are also looking to focus on local activity and keep you up-to-date and informed.

  • What are some of your favorite podcasts?! Would you like to be featured and join the Amplified Podcast team? Get in touch with us.

  • Do you have any events you would like us to share and include in the next newsletter? We can help with that too!

We invite you to join our community and explore the wide range of topics and ideas presented on Amplified. With a growing network of creators and listeners, we are committed to fostering a collaborative and supportive environment that encourages creativity and engagement.

Thank you for being a part of the Amplified community. We look forward to continuing to bring you thought-provoking and inspiring content.


The Amplified Team


Amplified is a collective of podcasters based out of Des Moines, Iowa that highlights culture, people and current affairs.

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