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Staffing and recruiting agency (Infinite Resources) CEO Amner Martinez had the opportunity to go on air with “WE ARE IOWA” and talk about interviewing and hiring diverse candidates. Martinez, mentioned how he is proud in identifying himself as an immigrant and how this has helped him not only to connect with minority communities but also to help represent them in the workforce.

One of the most important things for Infinite Resource is to highlight and settle a common ground for people who come in and to not feel out of place. Martinez said a couple of common issues many workers face are being misrepresented or feeling out of place. So, establishing a welcoming atmosphere and being able to connect to minority groups is a priority.

“We followed our identity and embraced it. We've been very good at telling our story and why we do what we do, luckily the business community is responding very well,” Martinez said.

While helping people find jobs and employers looking for workers, having 20 years of experience in the staffing industry, Infinite Resource has developed a good eye for finding the talent clients are looking for. While also helping reveal the benefits of bringing more diverse employees into the workplace.

“If your Workforce is diverse, then your company is better for it. That's the kind of thing that gives us the edge over other agencies,” Martinez, said. “We have the diverse pool available to us, and we're becoming that bridge between the company and the workforce.”

Watch the full interview in the video link below.

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