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Capitol Visit for Anti-Immigration Bill Subcommittee Meeting

The Amplified team went to the Iowa State Capitol for the March 12 subcommittee meeting to witness the outcome of what the Des Moines community has deemed as “Anti-Immigration” bills.

Upon entering the room, you could feel the heavy hearts of everyone eagerly waiting for the meeting to start. Some exchanged words while others sat quietly scanning the room waiting for State Senators Julian Garret, Jeff Taylor, and Janice Weiner.

When the three entered the meeting room and took their seats, the room fell silent. Julian Garrett introduced the bills being voted on during the subcommittee which included:

HF 2608 - limits access to certain benefits available to eligible immigrants and charge anyone transporting an undocumented person with a class “C” felony.

HF 2320 - Require proof of citizenship to access in-state tuition at a public university or community college in Iowa

SF 2340/HSB 703 - Would allow Iowa law enforcement to act as federal immigrant agents

SF 108 - Would require Iowa businesses to use E-Verify.

Thereafter, community members took a stance on the bills. One person from the Faith Freedom Coalition pushes for the bills to pass  while a dozen others line up to defy the bills due to bigotry and bias against immigrants.

After hearing community testimonies, the subcommittee acknowledged their cursory review of the bill,

underscoring the necessity for further research and extended deliberation.

They concluded many clauses within the bills are not only redundant, but confusing and unclear.

As of now, HF 2608 and SF 108 died, but HF 2320 and SF 2340 are still being considered to be enacted by the state.

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