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Eddie Diaz and an old battle buddy Rico Moss

Eddie and Rico trained together during their military career.

Rico brought up being in the service and building his military resume while also maintaining relationships and being a parent.

Personally, it was a conversation that needed to be had because many often get the perspective of those left behind. But hearing from his stand point, a 360 view was within reach.

When he visited home, he could feel there was a strain on the relationships within his close knit family. So, although they appeared proud of his accomplishments and bravery, he realized the loss of time left him disconnected from them. He'd missed out on monumental moments of people's lives he marked important in his life.

Later in his military career, after many assignments and training, Rico told himself that he wouldn't miss out on watching his daughter grow up. She confronted him when he was chosen to speak to her high school class for a career day. Rico was faced with the biggest question that left him speechless, "Why'd you leave?"

At that moment, he'd seen first hand what his physical presence meant to his child, but he was also given a lens to assign a purpose to all of his hard work.

He wanted to give his family the world, and this is the way he knew to do it. He just didn't know that while he was away hard at work, that people wanted and needed his presence throughout time.

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