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God don't like ugly (Ep. 6) by Daron Richardson

-In this episode, Daron talks about genuine relationships, and what it means to have meaningful and healthy friendships, not limited to a romantic partner but with loved ones and family members as well-


As Daron said, it's important to find a deepness and meaning within relationships rather that be romantic, parental, platonic, etc by setting intention with that person. Setting intentions can navigate you both through a healthy journey. That way, shared time together gives your relationship purpose, validity, and growth. In turn, you can ultimately eliminate the possibly of wasting time. Time should never be taken for granted. Yes, people waste your time, but knowingly staying in an uncomfortable space or an unintentional space, you personally exhaust your own time. Every spectacle of life has meaning and reason. Conversations, compliments, handshakes, eye contact, and more effect you in significant measures.

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