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Lessons learned through childhood ass whoopings.

Rooted Latinas took a step back in time to reflect on the days that have shaped them into the women they are today all do to the punishments of their naughty childhood.

The lady's not only recognized the effect of their actions in terms of themselves, but they were also able to take a step back and view those behaviors from a parental standpoint. They described their parents as being disappointed at times for their actions conclusively risking the security their parents struggled to give them. Their new perspective gave new light on their chastisements and a gained appreciation. Being moms (and an aunt) themselves, they understand the frustrations of defiancy that could possibly have a negative effect, whether it be long term or short term, but they also understand being a kid.

Often times, we as people only learn through our own lenses but we forget the effect of our behaviors on others, especially authority figures.

Another great point mentioned was the effect of the lack of parental accountability. As children, you're bound to break the rules and find new ways to get what you want, but not everyone has a parent on their asses making sure they do the right thing attempting to lead you down the right path. But not having that direction, you may lose sight of what's important and what will mold your future. It makes you appreciate the ass whoopings.

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