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Let Yourself Be Seen: Black Men and Vulnerability


What does it mean to be a man? As a man, we are supposed to trade and communicate through violence, Right? On this topic, host, Daron Richardson, focuses on how and why violence is a language. Exploring the many dimensions of Black masculinity: past, present and future. So why does this have so much power over men? Why is it so important for black men to be the toughest they can be?

"Young black men grow up afraid to be seen and have nothing to be ashamed of," Richardson said. "There is an established structure of being black and it is so important for what other people think about us, as black men. We give them that authority of defining a black man."

We welcome you to a conversation where Daron, dissects and talks about the many layers of Black masculinity, mental health and personal evolution. For the entire talk, here is the link.

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