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Need a ride to work?

Bill Raine an entrepreneur a philanthropist a non-profit organizer, a cheesecake maker and now a van driver! Bill Raine is a fan favorite of the Staffing Industry but beyond that, Bill is a visionary and where there is a need, his creativity kicks in and he finds a solutions. On his latest venture, Bill is helping people get to work with “job Rides” a non for profit organization that is helping the people that need the most help.

Bill Stops by and speaks with one of his formal pupils! Our very own host Amner Martinez. Listen to this insightful conversation with a man with a philosophy of being a good person can be beneficial to you and your business.

Watch the podcast on YouTube by CLICKING HERE


Listen on Soundcloud by CLICKING HERE

To find more information about Bill Raine and his work, check out the following links.

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