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Sovereignty vs. Capitalism

Negus and his guest share the travesties of indirect rule and the negatives of the media when it comes to reporting on wars and genocide.

What stood out most reflects a deep concern about the historical and contemporary issues surrounding geopolitical power dynamics, exploitation, and human rights violations. The exploitation of one country by another for resources, coupled with economic inequalities and the perpetuation of systems that prioritize profit over human well-being, raises significant ethical and moral questions.

The impact leads to devastating consequences for the people and communities affected. The exploitation of resources, coupled with inadequate compensation for labor, contributes to economic disparities and perpetuates cycles of poverty.

Additionally, instances of genocide represent egregious violations of human rights, causing immeasurable suffering and leaving lasting scars on societies.

This pattern of behavior is often driven by a pursuit of power, economic interests, and the overarching framework of capitalism. The quest for resources and dominance can result in a disregard for the well-being and sovereignty of nations, undermining the principles of justice, equality, and human dignity.

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